KYS Solutions is a communication skills training company specializing in helping individuals improve their public speaking and effective listening skills.

Kelli Stonework is Founder of KYS Solutions, a communication skills training company specializing in helping business professionals develop EFFECTIVE verbal and nonverbal communication skills. She is a Certified SpeakersTrainingCamp® Instructor, Women Speakers Association Premier Member, and Organizational Behavior Certified Facilitator.

Kelli is known for helping people dramatically improve their public speaking skills while building their confidence and self esteem. She uses a proven step-by-step approach to help individuals manage their anxiety of public speaking. Her philosophy is I do not claim to get rid of your speaking butterflies; however, my goal is to get those butterflies flying in formation and in the right direction.

Kelli has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry and during that time has delivered numerous presentations to vendors and customers at industry conferences. As a result of this experience, Kelli brings a unique perspective of how speaking skills can be applied to customer relationships.

She is the author of The Ultimate Presentation Roadmap How to Write for the Right Audience and Present with Confidence.  In addition, she is a contributing author of the Amazon Best Seller Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers and Daily Dose of Direction for Women In Business.  Kelli has been featured in numerous magazines, articles and conferences; including recent features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Ellevate.

Kelli is also passionate about serving her community and as such is a Graduate of Leadership Prince George’s, Board Member-Community Advocates for Family & Youth (CAFY), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

What are people saying about Kelli Stonework and KYS Solutions?

“Kelli is an outstanding instructor of the SpeakersTrainingCamp. Her classes always rave about her instruction and individualized coaching. Kelli is informative, fun, and supportive. I highly recommend her.” – Sue Gaulke, CEO, Successworks, Founder SpeakersTrainingCamp®

The Speakers Training Camp is the most enjoyable and productive training I have ever participated in. The camp was fast paced with many activities and opportunities to practice the skills being taught. The lessons and exercises were clear, interesting and immediately useful. I finished Kelli’s training feeling energized and empowered to use the skills acquired through the two day intensive course. Thank you for providing me with valuable insights and strategies leading to improved personal and organizational success. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in improving their ability to present ideas to others.” – J. Garcia

“Speakers Training Camp is a very well organized two days of intensive training in public speaking. This course was a transformational experience for me. I strongly recommend this course to anyone trying to overcome their fear of public speaking and improving presentation skills. Kelli is an excellent facilitator with vast experience in the field. During the course, she was quick to gauge each participant’s public speaking comfort level and managed the pace of training to benefit all participants. I have greatly benefited from the strategies and skills gained from the course.” – P. George

Tips to organize and control your nerves was very useful. Above all, so many practice sessions helped me a lot. Excellent instructor.

The instructor was so good in explaining how to speak confidently. This is one of the best courses I ever attended. It is practical and I started using the knowledge I gained from the course immediately.

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