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Common Email Communication Mistakes

Email makes it easier for us to communicate with each other, but in a way it presents new challenges. An email message can’t convey the tone of your voice, your facial expression, or other types of body language. Because of this, the meaning of your message can be lost or misunderstood. Here are some tips for communicating more effectively through email.

Be Extra Polite

In usual business conversation, we try to be positive and polite. With email, you should be even more so. Bump your positivity up a notch. The reason for this is that there’s a big difference when you say something with or without a smile. Email isn’t only without a smile, it’s without any expression whatsoever.

Edit Before You Hit Send

You may be busy with many emails to write, but don’t fire them off just yet. Take a second to look over your email and make sure it comes off the way you want it to. Imagine you’re the receiver. What would you think if you received this email? Reading it back also gives you a chance to correct any spelling or grammar errors.

Not Appropriate for Email

There are some things that simply shouldn’t be communicated over email. High among these is serious or bad news. When you deliver bad news you need an extra bit of sensitivity and this is impossible to achieve over email. You also need to pick up on the nonverbal clues and nuances of what the other person says to make sure they understand completely.

Say It Face to Face

Finally, don’t let email become a substitute for face-to-face communication. Email is convenient but simply not as personal as talking in person. Whenever possible, create opportunities for your staff to communicate in person, even if it’s remotely over the Internet. The personal touch goes a long way in creating good communication.

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